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Lake Mcgregor

Fish, boat and swim in Alberta's best kept secret

Lake Mcgregor is a 40 km long reservoir located 90 minutes SE of Calgary. It's water enters in the north end of the lake from Bow River and it drains to south into Travers Reservoir. 


More on the Lake

Large by any standard lake McGregor has three distinct areas, the headwaters to the north where the land is less hilly and more estuary like. The lake is widest here and there are many areas to fish and explore. The central area of the lake has many high cliffs and back bays. The southern area below the Hwy 531 bridge is largely inaccessible without a boat and this is where Lake Mcgregor Country Estates is located.  Lake Mcgregor has an average depth of just over 20 feet and with over 360 hours of sun per month in the summer, it warms fast and reaches temperatures unheard of in Alberta. At peak summer temperature the it can reach well over 20° C. Due to the fact that the this is a reservoir fed by a river and drained into another lake means it has water that remains clean and algae free. Lake Mcgregor is easily one of the best for watersports in Alberta. 

Lake Mcgregor Wildlife

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